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Parker, Tx
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Photo by Bethany Erin Photography

Photo by Bethany Erin Photography



We are Hannah and Preston Hagaman, the husband and wife team behind Cottonwood Road Photography. 

We reside in the suburbs of Dallas, TX with our sweet golden retrievers, Annie & Jovi and just had our first child, Hudson Waid! We have a deep love for people and investing in relationships. Whether it's taking couples to dinner, meeting up for coffee or striking up conversations with strangers wherever we go, we believe relationships matter and are worth investing in. 

Preston: "My great grandmother had a stack of old photo albums under the tv in her bedroom. Some of my fondest memories involve laying on the floor in her room, flipping through old pictures, asking who this person or that person was and inventing stories in my head about who they were, what they were like and the adventures they'd seen. I like to believe that we are creating something that many years from now will find its way into the hands of other small children with bright eyes and minds full of questions. And better yet, will allow each and every one of our clients no matter the age to relive their special days." 

Hannah: "I've always been an artist (not a writer), ever since I could hold a pencil in my hands. But the moment I shot my very first wedding I knew I had found my passion. The fast pace of the day, the anticipation & excitement, the true genuine joy that surrounds every single person, the details from the flowers to the borrowed veil from grandma. I was instantly in love. I knew I couldn't go on this journey without my best friend & husband so almost 3 years ago we hit the ground running on this new adventure! As an artist I find beauty in simple forms, lines, shapes, contrast, space. I want to capture your wedding through the lens of an artist who loves marriage even more than the wedding day."


As photographers, we have the privilege of walking with you through one of the most important seasons of life. Our biggest desire for you during this season isn't simply to help you have a beautiful wedding day but to help you prepare for an excellent life together. 

Your story is unique and made up of beautiful details that deserve a personal touch. That personal touch includes making sure to capture a beautiful collection of details, natural moments and portraits that you'll enjoy for the rest of your life. 

We are all about capturing raw and natural moments that focus on the two of you and how you interact with one another. While we may "pose" and position you to give you the very best images we can, our goal is to create natural looking timeless images you will treasure forever. We love shooting outside in natural light and mixing fine art and documentary styles. As Ginny Au says, "When the client is relaxed and able to behave naturally, you’ll be provided with so many more opportunities to capture genuine, intimate moments, which are essential to unfolding an authentic, personal wedding story. And that is what wedding photography is really about." 

Of all the elements of your wedding day, your photos are one of the few that will last a lifetime. 


Display their grandparents wedding photos at their weddings because they know that true love is timeless & classy, not trendy. 

Have high expectations for us and we enjoy going above & beyond for them!

Are thoughtful not only in the way they design their wedding but in the way they show appreciation for every good thing.

Choose unique & inspiring environments as their wedding venue because they understand the importance of natural light, simplicity and nature to create beautiful wedding images.

Love films like To Catch A Thief & An Affair to Remember because class, romance & adventure never go out of style. 

Desire to adventure somewhere where they can feel the earth beneath their feet and yet still have an appreciation for a symphony.

Are hopeful romantics & want the in between moments of genuine laughter and smiles captured rather than the trendy poses.

Are head over heels in love but know that marriage is far more than feelings, it's a daily choice to love & cherish & serve & always believe the very best in one another.

How we help you win the day: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful at times. You have so many decisions to make and things to check off your list, finding photographers you love and are excited to work with should be the fun part!

We've shared a little about who we are, and why we love what we do, now it's your turn. We would love nothing more than to get together and hear your story.