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One-on-One Mentoring

One thing I am extremely passionate about is teaching & inspiring others to become better photographers, build better businesses and improve themselves as individuals. 

Who would benefit most from these sessions?

These sessions are typically for the beginner professional (those of you who are in the first few years of your photography business – or are trying to start a photography business) however, I offer help & advice to photographers in all stages of their businesses. These mentor sessions provide a unique opportunity to cover those seemingly overwhelming business questions, cover all the basics of using your professional DSLR, practice posing & styling one on one, something that doesn't always get covered in big group sessions. We will address a number of topics and I will be available to answer any & all questions before, during & after these sessions. Together we can work within your vision to set tangible and immediate goals to improve your photography skill and grow your business.


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Concinnity Workshop

Come join us for a one day workshop designed for creative individuals across all mediums looking to hone their talents, learn new skills and connect with other creatives. Whatever your passion, may it be photography or styling or calligraphy or floral design, we offer a range of unique opportunities for you to be challenged creatively & learn something fresh & new.

Visit the Concinnity website for more info on upcoming workshops! 



"Before I even purchased my first professional camera I knew exactly who I wanted to learn from; Mrs. Hannah Hagaman.  Hannah has as much knowledge about photography as she is sweet... and that's a LOT!  She was my wedding photographer and I was blown away by her work.  But now, knowing how much thought, preparation and knowledge goes into each shot makes me appreciate those precious pictures even more. I had never used a DSLR before and it was very intimidating attempting to navigate my camera so walking through that with Hannah was extremely helpful. She has opened my eyes and shown me what photography is all about; passion.  A passion for light, for people and for making a difference. I am excited to move forward with my photography skills with all that Hannah has equipped me with and I feel very confident in knowing that I learned from the best." - Stephanie
"I first met Hannah through her Conncinity workshop and while I was unable to attend in the fall of 2014 she agreed to meet with me and teach me the ins and outs of my DSLR. I had been shooting on auto for a few months and wanted to learn how to use manual and she graciously invited me to her house to teach me! That was the beginning of what I will call our friendship, not only did she teach me in a way that I could understand - she has been instrumental in the making of my photography business. She and Preston have helped and taught me not only how to effectively use my camera, they’ve shared their business insights with me! Starting my own business is very scary and they have answered every question I have and then some! Hannah is so open to sharing her knowledge and what has worked for her and what hasn’t - she has given me so much confidence in my work and my business. I love how open she is and passionate about what she does and that she’s so willing to share that with others." - Holly

"When I met with Hannah I had done photography as a hobby for years, but I knew if I wanted to take it to the next level and I couldn't do it by myself. As I searched for workshops at  local colleges in my area I knew they would mainly cover camera basics and would most likely lack advice on adding my own creative touches. One-on-one mentoring with Hannah was a game changer for my business. Not only did she give me advice about capturing pictures, but also she gave me advice about how start my business, how to set my pricing, andhow to build positive relationships with clients. Hannah truly understands and exemplifies the concept of community over competition. She truly was excited for me to begin my business and gave me every resource she could to help me be successful. Now my business is at a completely different stage and I plan on setting up a time for another mentoring session soon! There is no way to put into words how highly I recommend  a mentoring session with Hannah!"  - Jillian