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Anne Kyle & Drew - Thank you for all of your amazing work documenting our wedding! The way you captured all of the details and moments is truly remarkable! These photos are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to look through all of them again and again! Y’all made us feel so comfortable on our big day and these photos are such forever treasures! We couldn’t be more grateful for you both and traveling to Charleston to shoot our wedding! Thank you, Thank you!

Audrey & Ricky - OH MY GOSH!!! We LOVE them so so so much!!! ALL of them! You are so incredibly talented and we couldn't me more excited for you to photograph our wedding! Thank you so much for being so flexible with our crazy schedule and for making us awkward kids look good! We absolutely loved the session and cannot wait for whats to come! 

Callyn & Baby Taves - "HANNAH! I am crying!!! Literally the best money I've spent in my entire life. I cannot thank you enough and wish I was able to give you a huge hug right now !!!!!! OBSESSED! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

Natalie, Chase, and Townsend - In the midst of my excitement of looking at all of the photos and just plain adjusting to life with a newborn... I forgot to send you a note telling you how much we absolutely love the photos of Townsend and our family!!!! Your style and eye are AMAZING and I couldn't be happier!!! I am so grateful we were able to capture such precious moments and I am so glad you were there to help capture them. Thank you again for everything!!!

Morgan & Scott - "I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for Scott and I, between engagement pictures to our wedding, thank you! You are honestly the best photographer I have ever come across and I don’t just mean your pictures. You are so kind, loving, caring and want the best for your clients. Scott and I feel so comfortable around you and never feel like we’re just posing for the camera. You really make us feel relaxed and completely ourselves. (This all applies to Preston as well!) I really wished we lived and Dallas so we could hang with you and Preston more! Maybe one day! But anyways, thank you again and we can’t wait to see more!"

Sarah & Steven - "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the absolutely stunning photos. We absolutely adore the pictures! You can’t tell at all that he and I felt awkward going into the session ;) Thank you, again, for making it such a fun and comfortable experience."

Elizabeth & Clint - "The moment I went to coffee with you and Preston I knew I wanted y'all to capture our day! Clint and I loved working with y'all! I remember leaving our engagement session and Clint looked at me and said, "I really like Hannah, she made taking those pictures so much easier!" Clint isn't a fan of taking pictures but knowing he was excited having y'all gave me peace about our decision! I would spend the money again, Cottonwood Road is amazing! I have already recommended Cottonwood Road Photography to everyone! My sister in law even said she wants Hannah and Preston to take her wedding pictures in the future! Hannah and Preston made everything so simple and easy! Their work is beautiful! They give you clean flawless photos! They are able to capture the joy in the moment the photo was taken!"

I loooove loooove loooove these. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of our little family. You were so fun to work with.
— Rubina Mammen

Madi & Jarrett - "Soooooo, we looked at all of the photos and WE LOVE THEM!!!!! They are the most amazing photos!!! Jarrett & I cannot thank you enough, we seriously could not be happier with the way they turned out. I can't stop looking at all of them!! So thank you thank you thank you!!! We can't wait for the wedding day!! We had such a blast!!! I was quite nervous & we are still talking about how much fun & how easy and comfortable you made it!! I have never had so much fun getting photos taken. I'm telling you, we are SO incredibly thankful for you and all of these beautiful photos."

Hannah & Paul - "I work with Hannah on a regular basis for my blog, and she delivers incredible work every single time. Each shoot I get back I say, "Oh my gosh, this is the best one yet." My husband, Paul, and I have also shot multiple times with Hannah as a couple for anything from Christmas photos to blog posts, and we continuously are blown away by how accurately Hannah captures our relationship from behind the lens. She is the best at directing and making you feel comfortable, and we are truly stunned by her work every time. Every photo she snaps is absolutely frame-worthy; The hard part is picking which ones to put on your wall! You won't have anybody better than Hannah, and we are so honored to know her both as a friend and as our go-to photographer!"


Whitney & Michael - "Initially, we were very nervous about the style of photos not turning out the way we were hoping. We knew we wanted both candid shots and some naturally posed photos as well. It was important for us to have all of the main events captured (first kiss as a married couple, cake cutting, first dances, etc.) and also the tiny moments that make that day special. You two knocked it out of the park! Every photo we could imagine wanting to have, y'all captured in a beautiful way without having to be prompted by anyone! My favorite part was that you're a young married couple just as we were soon to be. You both have such welcoming personalities that we immediately felt comfortable working with you both. There was never a point where we felt we had to explain why we wanted a certain photo or didn't want others. You were there to give us as much or as little direction as we needed. You are both artists and experts at what you do and just got it right from your first picture. I would absolutely recommend Cottonwood Road Photography! On a day like your wedding when you have SO much going on, having Hannah and Preston allows you to just not have to worry about photography, at all. They both are  prompt and easy to communicate with and are willing to give you recommendations if you are unsure about something. Truly, they are professionals who go above and beyond expectations in every way.  Everyone hopes their wedding photos will turn out perfect and when you work with Hannah and Preston, you can rest assured that you will have photos that corroborate the beautiful memories you have of that day - the end product is stunning! We truly can not thank you enough for your work.  The photos we have from our engagements and our wedding day are more meaningful to us than any other thing from that day."

Rachel & Ryan - 'I think the only fear we had was that the pictures wouldn't be what we thought and that came true, in a way...they were SO MUCH BETTER than we thought! Exceeded our expectations for sure!! Ryan - "Favorite part of working with them for me was the relationship and never felt like we were being dragged around for photos. They were behind the scenes."Rachel - "I loved having photographers who understood our vision and wanted to make the best pictures possible for our day! Y'all knew what we wanted and added your own personal touches and it turned out fantastic! Such a sweet picture of what that day was, could not have asked for more!"Ryan - "I would say that they are a great, fun loving couple to work with that made photos not stressful at all and captured all our sweet moments."Rachel - "They don't just care about your wedding/engagement photos, they care about you! They invest in making your day that much more special and it just feels like you have good friends hanging out rather than photographers taking pictures. We would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!"'


Callie & Jon - "We absolutely LOVED our wedding photos and felt like the emotion and joy of the day was truly captured!! We decided not to have a videographer at our wedding and I was worried that pictures alone would not capture the fullness of our day but Hannah and Preston truly brought our wedding to life and have given us a gift that we will treasure for a lifetime. My favorite part about working with Cottonwood Road Photography was on the day of the wedding Hannah was not only our photographer but acted as a friend who shared advice and ensured that everything was taken care of. Hannah and Preston did not miss a single memory or detail of our wedding and captured our fairy tale. I would recommend Cottonwood Road Photography to everyone and hope to have them continue to commemorate other big life moments for us!"

Cash & Sedona - "In the post-wedding frenzie of adjusting to life, I don't think we ever sent you guys a proper thank you. We cannot express our gratitude enough that you and Preston captured our big day. Having you both there was so great, and your sweet hearts added so much happiness to the whole experience. So many people made comments about how wonderful you two were. The sneak peaks that you've already posted are SO GORGEOUS and we're so excited to see the finished product. We hope you had fun at the wedding and we can't wait to see you again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Bonnie & Sebastian - "Our biggest fear was that we wouldn't like any of the photos or feel that none captured the day perfectly, but boy were we wrong! We had so many photos to choose from that we absolutely loved and couldn't believe the emotions that could be captured in a photo. You guys are so nice and energetic but also you helped keep the mood calm when needed. When things were running behind on the day of you didn't worry(or at least express it out loud) that it would be a problem and did what you had to do to make it work. Y'all have an incredible eye and are very easy to work with along with a confidence and trustworthiness that keeps couples at ease on their wedding day. You give great direction on photos when it's needed but also let couples do their own style and what feels most natural to them.  We are so thankful to have found you guys to document our day. We will forever be in awe of the photos that captured our love for each other. "

Lindsey & Sean - "Our biggest fear with the photographer in general was that we would hate the photos and not have any good ones to remember our special day. Our photos are absolutely gorgeous and we are SO SO SO happy that we chose you and Preston!I am a sucker for photos so I loved every minute of photos with me and Sean. He is not one to take photos, so it was nice that he was interested in these. We loved that we connected with y'all on a personal level so we felt like we could be ourselves and we weren't too unnatural. Engagements were so much fun, but the wedding day was the best day ever and we loved that there were two shooters so we could get moments at different angles and also photos at different times! If we were to recommend you to our best friend, we would tell them that if they want a photographer who really cares about their day and one they can really connect with, then y'all are the couple. We felt like we got the best deal. Amazingly gorgeous photos for a super reasonable price. (Trust me, we have recommended you to everyone we know, and will continue to recommend you)."

Kinsey & Daniel - "The biggest fear we had was not feeling comfortable with our photographers which would result in awkward photos. That clearly did not happen as I now have magazine ready photos! I could not have asked for better results, everything was perfect which was FAR from my original fears! The biggest thing for us is that we felt at ease! My biggest concern going into engagement photos was that all the photos would catch us in a terrible angle or that we would look stiff and I would be disappointed in all of them but the whole experience was FAR from that. Each time we look at our wedding album, we fall in love with a new photo. You and Preston just felt like another one of our couple friends at the wedding which was great; Daniel said one of his highlights was riding around in the golf cart with you two for our couple photos. I also REALLY loved that there were so many photos taken at the reception. Like everyone said, the day got away from us so quickly and we didn't spend a lot of quality time with guests so having those photos to relive that night with them is such a blessing. What's funny is that I already have recommended you guys to 3 people! I showed them my photos first because they speak for themselves. Secondly, I told them how down to earth and warm you both are from the very first meeting. I do an annoying amount of research before making any decision and Cottonwood Road Photography was the best by far. Not only was the quality of photos stunning, but having the second shooter provided us with so many amazing images that may have been missed!"


Erin & Seth - "Hey Hannah! Just wanted so say thank you so much to you and Preston for doing such a FANTASTIC job on our pictures! You gave such clear direction, but were so easing and encouraging at the same time! We have gotten so many compliments on the pictures themselves and also on how awesome y'all were at the ceremony. You have been so flexible and easy to work with throughout this whole process! You guys were so thoughtful and we really appreciate that. We wish you the best and will definitely recommend you to friends!" 

Haley & Barry - "My biggest fear was not capturing Barry and I in a natural setting/looking like ourselves and that did not come true! We looked completely like ourselves and the pictures really captured our personalities! My favorite part of working with both of you was your positive comments before and after each picture! How natural you both were and how easy you fit into our crowd! We didn't notice your presence during the ceremony and I loved that! I have already recommend you to one of my best friends! And I have said that you guys are very accommodating to any need! Very natural and professional! You guys are both adorable! And of course super talented but my pictures speak that for you! "

Stephanie & TJ - "Our biggest fear was probably that the pictures wouldn't turn out well... and we love them all :) In addition to your eye & ability to capture things beautifully & naturally, we really liked the electronic platform you used to get us our pictures and how quickly you did so. My mom and grandmothers loved that as well because they're all over the country but they each got the app (my grandparents figured out how to play pictures on their TV just so they could have the pictures playing all the time... it's the cutest thing). You had a great mix of artistic, staged, and candid shots. Every time we go through the pictures we have new favorites. Our favorite thing about working with you guys was how easy you made it. TJ specifically mentioned that he really appreciated having Preston there because he could kind of walk him through the ropes (he's obviously never done this before, and being a guy & not being on Facebook, he'd never really seen a bunch of wedding photos before). It's so unnatural for us to be photographed & posed, but you guys made it easy... while you coached us on some things, you made it look natural and put us at ease. You guys did a good job capturing everything so it wasn't too staged. You guys were joyful, kind, and considerate to everyone but at the same time, good at calling the shots & making the most of our time, especially as the storm was rolling in after the ceremony. We WOULD recommend you to our friends, and we already have. And I'll continue to recommend you guys like crazy :)" 


Hannah & Cy - "Hannah! You are so awesome! So many people have told me that you are the most wonderful wedding photographer they have ever seen. You were so gracious, excited, and competent in every way (as always!) and I am just SO thankful that yall were the ones documenting our big day!"

Katie & Zach - Before hiring Cottonwood Road Photography, "I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to find someone that would be affordable but still capture those precious moments in a way/style that I love which is romantic, casual with that awesome rustic/dreamy feel. You totally alleviated my fears and went above and beyond my expectations! We LOVE y'all! It was like having two more friends at the wedding! And in terms of the photography part--everyone said they barely felt like you were there!! You were discreet but still managed to grab those special moments!! Hire her or you are crazy!! But for real, I would say she is talented, trustworthy and will totally deliver! She is one of the best."

Brooke & Dru - "When I first met Hannah I had actually already made plans with another photographer for our wedding. I met her through a mutual friend and we new immediately that we were kindred spirits! Us working together sort of just happened and I am SO glad that it did! Hannah is the most wonderful person to be around. She is clearly passionate about what she does and her love for Jesus shines through in her attitude, professionalism, and her work. Planning with her was not only a smooth and painless process, but it was so much fun too! Anytime spent around her a precious time. My husband and I cannot even begin to try to pick favorites from all of our beautifully shot and edited photos. Friends and family have only seen a handful of the pictures she took and all of them gush over how fantastic they are. The wedding day (as any bride can attest to) got a little chaotic and overwhelming at times, but Hannah and her second shooter Kendall Hanna (who is ALSO an incredibly talented photographer) helped to keep me calm and excited and allowed me to enjoy the day while they kept me on track with big moments of the day. I would HIGHLY recommend Cottonwood Road Photography for any and every photography need. I had my bridals, boudoirs, rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and wedding day photos taken and all turned out perfectly, but I have also had the pleasure of seeing her family shoots and other sessions and they too are beautiful. I cannot wait to see where Hannah goes with her blossoming company!"

Leah & Kyle -  "After meeting with her for the first time, my husband and I knew that hiring Hannah as our photographer was the perfect decision. She not only treated us as clients but also as friends. Hannah made sure everything we wanted was taken care of and went above and beyond in every aspect of being a photographer. Hannah captured every special moment and then some. I must say I was a picky bride and Hannah catered to me with no complaints. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Hannah thank you for spending our special day with us and still treating us like we are just as important to you!"

Kim & Kelly - "I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how amazing our wedding photos turned out. I am in awe of every single shot and it's like reliving one of the best days of my life all over again. You are incredible at what you do (and your husband ain't bad either!) and you can just tell in the pictures that you really care about your couples and their day. Thank you so much for everything and being there to capture all the moments that I didn't know happened or have forgotten already. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know and hopefully we can do more shoots with you in the future. Thank you so much again for being our wonderful photographer!"

Ashley & Ryan -  "I just wanted to email you and let you know how amazing it was to have you be there yesterday. You really coordinated the whole thing -- it wouldn't have been as perfect as it was without your ideas and contributions. You picked the best location, the best time, the best everything... it was a perfect day, and you added so much to that. Ryan and I are both in agreement that we were blessed to sign you as our photographer. Thank you for all you do! We appreciate you more than we can say!"

Torri & Tre - "Our fear was not getting any good pictures that we actually liked of ourselves! Turns out we loved them all! We loved the fact that they were so involved in helping us make our big day special and showing us what to do and making it into our own. They were not only a great photographers but a huge help in directing us so we didn't look silly not knowing what to do. Lol If you are looking for a photographer, hands down you need to go with Hannah! She not only does amazing work but she is SO nice and helps you on your day when your at loss what to do!"

Kendall & Adams - "I am so happy that Cottonwood Road Photography was able to capture so many aspects during this special time for me and Adams. From a Wedding Shower, the Rehearsal Dinner, Getting Ready, and Wedding Day, all of the photos turned out beautiful. Hannah's sweet and creative personality really helped put me at ease! The time goes by so fast on your wedding day that it's hard to take everything in and Hannah did such a great job capturing the "detail" photos that I was able to see the night all come together!"

Abbey & Ian -  "Cottonwood Road Photography is exceptional at capturing the heart of life. There is such a genuine quality in the photographs, that few others seem to be able to capture. Cottonwood Road Photography is bright and blissful from a business and artistic standpoint. Such a pleasure to have them capture some of life's sweetest moments."